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Album Cover for Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Street Survivors” November 2, 2006

Posted by mikebierstock in Cover Art, Lynyrd Skynyrd.



1. Reese - August 24, 2007

I’ve always heard that “they” tried to recall the “Street Survivors” albums and then re-released them without the flames in the background. That was one album I never got. A friend of mine at the time managed to get one of the albums with cover with the flames because she worked at The Record Bar. Wow, that took me too far back. I was just wondering if anybody else had heard the same thing? Reese

2. frankocanadian - August 28, 2007

Hey Reese, The album cover is classic and yes it was removed from the shelves shortly after the crash happened in October of ’77. I had a buddy who found one of the originals at a local grocery store called Dutch Boy around 1982. That was the first time I had ever seen the original cover or even knew that there had been a switch. A little eerie but a cool find if you can track one down. I have seen the Street Survivors CD with the original cover art (as a special edition release), but i don’t own it myself. Frank.

3. Roger - October 10, 2007

I actually have the orginal album cover. I worked in Sam Goody’s in 1977 so I had immediate access. I grew up in Atl and went to the “One More From The Road” concert at the Fox. I purchased the orginal album the day it came out and was also there when we got the order to pull the album. It was replaced immediately with the version that did not include the flames.

My album is in decent shape but it is now 30 years old!

4. bill - February 1, 2008

Any idea how much it’s worth?

5. Kevin Beron - June 16, 2008

I have the original album with the flames still in shrink wrap. Never been played. Any idea what that is worth.

6. mheezy - August 25, 2008

i think its worth $80 usd
because i was looking at a rare cassette site earlier and it was $74 usd played

7. PRONOUNCED 'LEH-'NERD 'SKIN-'NERD - August 30, 2008

FUCK you Bill, “How much is it worth”:??. How Mother Fucking dare you insult the memory of our beloved Skynyrd band. ??
You scumbag money grubbing piece of shit.
HONOR them,……. or get the fuck away, If I knew where you lived, I’d find you and give you “JUST ONE opportunity to repent, or suffer a mother fucking beating. You are as low a a hollywod papparazi.

8. PRONOUNCED 'LEH-'NERD 'SKIN-'NERD - August 30, 2008

All of you, how dare you.. claim to be Skynyrd fans, and even bring up the topic of “How much is it worth.”. How’s this sound as a comparison you SCUMBAG.
On Thursday, October 20, 1977, just three days after the release of Street Survivors, our BELOVED band was enroute to a concert at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana when their plane crashed…… We true Skynyrd fans don’t dare think, or speak of the rest, but sadley through our tears of 30 years know the rest….. How’s that for a comparison to the “WORTH”. You are indeed a SCUMBAG and not worthy of hearing any….Skynyrd tunes.


“Free Bird’s you are indeed”… We Honor you and will not forget,,

9. PRONOUNCED 'LEH-'NERD 'SKIN-'NERD - August 30, 2008

30 years and we still weep..and honor them.

10. Bob - October 23, 2008

31 years this week…wow..I still miss them. You are right, how could anyone care what the album cover is worth? Send it to me and I will cherish it.


11. trey - October 28, 2008

My dad has a copy of the original album, before the recall, and it was damaged in a flood twenty years ago. Even though the cover is damaged i still love this album for the simple fact that most people have never seen an original in person.

12. Dewman - November 25, 2008

I have one that I won on 96 rock in 1977. I love it brings back alot of memories.

13. ray - December 16, 2008

dec 15 2008 ray san diego ca. i bought one of the oregenal copies of street surivers at the swapmeet for 25cents what a dummy ha.

14. amis - January 4, 2009

My father bought the original Street Survivors album the day it was released. He gave it to me last year for Christmas the album cover is framed, hanging in my study.

15. amis - January 4, 2009

also….jsut checked it out on ebay…$845.00 usd

16. teerav - January 11, 2009

damn i got one in my friends barn like brand new and its the real authentic one! If it sells that much on ebay bye bye! and who cares about the fact that i am selling i like lynard but i like green…

17. DaBluez - January 16, 2009

And you can also find the LP as cheap as under 10 bucks on ebay, I have it..how much you willing to pay for it? Because your surely not getting hundreds for it.

18. lynardskynardsucks - March 1, 2009

To the sorry ass linard skinird fans, yall redneck chickin neck eatin, budlite drinkin, nascar watchin, yahoo yeelin, slut slappin, redneck dumasses. You really think that they were all that great??
Hell boys, they really kinda sucked. so screw you all.

19. fuckyou - June 10, 2009

you obviously have no time on your hands you unappreciative bastard.
You also have no real recollition of what good music is.

Sitting on your fat ass hating on people who like a band.

Grow the fuck up you rascist cocksucker.

20. Tammy - July 9, 2009

I also have this sought after album and album cover. It is for sell! No reason to get so upset about the band and its message, its all in what you believe. I didn’t even understand what the hell they were singing about when I was listening to them. I was very young in the 70’s. Just liked some of the songs. If anyone is interested in the buying it let me know.

21. Susan - January 29, 2010

I bought the original Street Survivors album the day it was released with the flames it was really creapy what happened with the crash.

22. Kay Romines - May 16, 2010

I have the album an old friend gave me.I love it.Worked with Dale Krantz of Rossington_Collins Band who were all associated with each other throughout the years.Dale and I were servers at the YumYumTree in Riverside,Jacksonville, Fla after the crash happened.I have oh, 300 or so albums in my collection.”Freebird” Forever.

23. Kay Romines - May 16, 2010

#18 needs to learn to spell unless you are just faking being that ignorant.Probably not.

24. brotherbear - June 20, 2010

tammy u stile have that record ill by it. ill bye anyone anyone has i love lynyrd dkynyrd.

25. brotherbear - June 20, 2010

that was an s not a d. lynyrd skynyrd
rocks im only 22 but u cant find a better band out there

26. Brynn - July 18, 2010

My brother bought the original Street Survivor album the day it went on sale. He passed away in 2000 and I have held on to all his albums including this one.

27. ern - July 28, 2010

i recently got the original album with the flames from my uncle along with 70 or so others and since i know theres not many its not going anywhere besides on my record player.

28. jeff & pam - October 3, 2010

My boyfriend & I was at a flea-market in phenix city,al & he saw the original flame album,I thought he was going to stroke on me,lol so we bought it for next to nothing,but hanging in a frame real soon in our home,it will be worth everything to us!!!!!!

29. Don - December 19, 2010

I am in agreement with #7’s and 8’s post! I have the Record and I will pass it on to my Son who also is a Fan and wishes he could have seen the band back in the day! If you are looking to make money off the deaths of Ronnie, Steve, Cassie and Dean then you have no right to call yourself a Fan!
This is a Record that I hope will be passed on in my Family for years! My Son has loved that record since he could remember and knows the significance of what this alumb means to me. Not because to the SO Called “FLAME PICTURE” but because it was a new sound for the band back then,Many critics were watching and wondering and rwady to pounce on the Band if it did not measure up to a quality sound. Well surprise Surpise they knocked it out of the park. I had the Alumb in my hands on Oct,15 10977 at 1 or 2:30 that day, MY Girlfriend at the time had also surprised me with tickets for their show in Philly on Nov.12th at the Spectrum, but it was not meant to be! So to all that want money for The first issue of Street Survivors well your no better then the man that Ronnie sung about in Workin For MCA!

30. REF - January 24, 2011

I have been blessed to have owned street survivors since christmas ’77.My sister bought it the fist day of sales in oct., a few days later, life ,as we knew it, would change forever.I didnt know my sister had already purchased the album, so I was really looking for it all over ,… to no avail.but when christmas rolled around I was the proud owner a piece of rock history ,and have cherrished it ever since.I was 18. I think everyone ,even then , knew that this was something to hold on to. Its not for sale, and Im glad to see others are perserving this classic.ROCK ON!!

31. Roy Walters - February 13, 2011

I am 37 years old and I had never seen the ORIGINAL album, untill 2009. I was at a antique mall near Indianapolis, looking through a bunch of albums and low and behold, I found it. They wanted $15.00 for it and I had already spent most of my money on other things. My mother n law told me she would buy it for me as a Christmas gift. This thing is in near mint shape with the exception of someones faded intitials on Allen Collins shirt. The inserts are all there, and in perfect shape. Record is in near mint to mint shape. That all doesnt mean a thing to me. I have never listened to it and never will. I have it so i can say I owne it, and hopefully my step daughter will cherish it as much I do. This album will never be for sale as long as I owne it.

32. Ellis - May 20, 2011

found it for 12 bucks at that 70’s store (basically a 60’s through 80’s themed antique shop) and havent stopped listening to it sense then. long live skynyrd!!!

33. orbit - August 10, 2011

i have the rare album and cover , i seen on fx collectibles on t.v it’s worth 2000 dollers. ha ha i got in a box of old album my brother gave me for mowing his lawn

34. Tammy Cox - October 21, 2011

I have the original. I heard back then that this album was worth something but was not sure I had one of the originals, but now I know that I do. I love Lynard Skynard, but not very good at keeping things without tucking them away. I would rather see someone who is in to this kind of thing have it. Make me a decent offer and it is yours.

35. John S - November 8, 2011

I have the album with the original cover. I remember buying several albums at the same time, among them ELO’s Out Of The Blue, Kansas Point Of Know Return, and of course Street Survivors. I remember buying them in early November, 1977, but I could be off by a couple weeks I guess. The important part is that Street Survivors is the flame cover, although the back of the album is a picture of the band with the black background. Does this sound right? I think that became the front cover as well after they pulled the original record cover.

36. kurtis - April 8, 2013

i not only got the original cover I got it on october 17th… and I got it at the concert on october 17th in lakeland florida and if all of you are such lynyrd skynyrd fans how come I am the one who goes to orange park florida where ronnie cassie and steve are buried and scrub the green mold off of thier memorials.. cassie gaines head stone was so grungy you couldnt even read the name on it.. charlie daniels put in a nice bench in so you could have a seat with ronnie steve and cassie.. would i sell my album ? yes I would, thats why i never played it to keep it minta

37. Theresa - June 22, 2013

Theresa Escue in Ft Worth, Tx
I also have the original flames album, at one time years ago, I checks on the value to a collector and it was $300 for the jacket and $200 for the record……would like to see if there is anyone who would buy it at todays price? I moved from Lakeland, Fl just over 7yrs ago….hmmm!

38. Robert Lyle - November 23, 2013

Fuck yeah my dad has an original flames record and we have never been rich but we are getting it framed. You would have to kill us to get that. My mother was an educated woman and did cat scans and shit like that but she was working at Helen Keller hospital rite down the road from where the skynard record was recorded in Sheffield al which is apart of quad cities as you all are prolly thinking muscle shoals. Anyways I was young 7 or 8 and did not realize how cool it was that my mother did some type of scan on one of the guys from the band that was still alive. He said there were only like 120 of those covers in the u.s. I wish i would have played more attention at that age and could tell that story better but that was a time of my fathers divorce and he did not know obout this and my mother passed away 3 or 4 years ago.

39. Tammy - November 24, 2013

I love the Lynyrd Skynyrd band, one of my all time favorites, and I do have the album with the flames, I bought it the first day it came out on the shelf. But I am willing to part with it, if anyone is interested in buying it from me. Some people get real “bent out of shape” when someone says they want to sell this album and cover, but to those people, it does not mean we did or still do not love the band. If this horrible accident would not have happened, we would still be enjoying them, and unfortunately we cant still do that. But mine is for sale because I do not have anything to play it on, and Im just not a real collectible person, so I would like to see someone have it that is, thats all people. So, if there is someone out there who does NOT have it, that would LIKE to have it, you can contact me at coxct@ktis.net. Peace Out!

40. Harold - April 18, 2014

Found one at a hole in the wall place, bout had a damn stroke. I got it $20 bucks great condition. Then was looking some more and I will be dammed he had another one, in good shape I left it where u found it because I know someone like me will find it and have a damn stroke to. Great find! I chek on it every couple of wreaks and it’s still rite there. I’m tempted to get it, but for now I will wait….

41. joe magliocca - December 4, 2014

Hey folks,dont cream your jeans,but I have two.I always taped or recorded all albums so they are played 2-3 times.To tell ya the truth,Im not sure how I got two.I just bought albums regularly.Must have gotton them both during the timeframe before they called them back.I work with wood,so I must frame them both.I also play along with cds,and(watch spelling)LYNYRD SKYNYRDis my favorite.Love them all from the begining.I had the misfortune of hearing the bad news on the radio going thru tenn,as me -wife-and two kids were moving to Houston.The trip sucked from there on…….

42. andy - November 25, 2016

i have one there not that rare worth maybe 80 bucks in original wrapper. although i do have mine framed. long live skynyrd

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